Video Creator Consulting (subscription)
Video Creator Consulting (subscription)

Video Creator Consulting (subscription)

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We've been a Channel Partner with YouTube since the program was created in 2006. These days, we actively distribute our own video series on Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vimeo, Roku, IGTV and more. In addition to our in-house series, we've also produced content for shows with millions of subscribers around the world. Put our years of content creation, data analysis and distribution experience to work for you. 

With your subscription, we'll take a look at your channel, review your video content and evaluate your competition. Then, every month, you'll get up to one hour, one-on-one consultation either by phone or online chat with exact advice in how to best improve your content and grow your audience. We'll continue the discussion every month for the duration of your subscription. 

Whether you have an existing YouTube channel or are just thinking about getting into online video, we can help you set the right course. 

Sample subjects:

  • Cameras, Lighting, Sound
  • Workflow
  • Metadata
  • Thumbnails
  • Scheduling
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Monetization Options
  • Outside-the-Box Monetization
  • Live Streaming

After completing this purchase we'll contact you to set up exact time for analysis and channel consultation. Our advice has helped point channels in the right direction to improve content, promotion and gain millions of subscribers. Put our knowledge to work for you.